Important Information

Parish Council Meetings will take place remotely on Zoom until social distancing is lifted. Please contact the Clerk for a link to the Meeting.

Next Meeting

Date: The next meeting will be held Tuesday 25th May 2021.
Agenda: Will be published here no later than 21st May 2021.
Zoom Link:  You are welcome to participate in the next meeting, please email Clerk@granborough.org to be issued with a link and password.
Planning: None at present

Legal Public Participation at Meetings

10 Minutes called Open Forum are set aside at the beginning of each meeting.  The public may comment during this time ONLY.
After this time, public involvement is not allowed unless at the discretion of the Chairman.
Items raised at the Open Forum do not require an immediate response from the Parish Council as anything not detailed on the Agenda, can’t be resolved (no decisions can be made).

If you wish to raise a question at the Open Forum of the meeting, you must forward the question to the Clerk 48 hours prior to the meeting.  This will help manage public participation in the online forum.  Thank you.

If you would like to raise a question/make a comment but can’t attend the meeting, you can telephone or email the Clerk, or you can speak to one of our Councillors.

Meetings Calendar

These are all the set meeting dates.  The Council may hold additional meetings to discuss time-sensitive issues, such as a planning application.  These will be added as required.


Please click on the files below to access current & previous Agendas.

The Minutes of meetings are published in draft form a few days after the meeting has taken place.  You can access these by visiting the Minutes page.

Parish Council Powers & Duties

All Parish Council’s have to restrict their business to a list of prescribed Services and Duties.  Items on the list below are not what a Parish Council MUST provide, rather a list of items that a Parish Council may be asked to consider or to lobby District/County Councils to provide.
List of Parish Council Powers