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Granborough Village Hall Future Events

Open Gardens weekend 11th / 12th June

We are inviting Granborough residents to open their gardens during this weekend.

This is a traditional event held every 3 years and allows us to open up our lovely village to all. Other events will be held at the same time and it is hoped that the church will organise a flower festival and perhaps a concert. If you are interested in opening your garden then please contact Ann Sear on 07709915012 for more information and to book.

Granborough Village Hall Future Events

Garage / Table top sale at the end of May – Details to follow

Granborough Village Hall Future Events

Valentines Fish & Chip Supper – details to follow

101 Club Draw

This great fundraising draw helps donate money to good Granborough causes & also makes members (if lucky) a few quid.  To join contact Bill on 670089.  At £10.00 per ticket & monthly draws on 1st Monday of each month. Result can be found in Pew News or Granborough Notice boards.  It could be you!!!