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Local Food Donation Campaign

We’re getting in touch on behalf of our local food donation campaign, Grow to Give.
We started Grow to Give in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. As gardeners ourselves, we wanted to find a way to help those going through difficult times as a result of the Pandemic. Food banks are facing huge increases in demand for food since March 2020, with many experiencing more than double the normal numbers of food bank clients, more than half being families.
Over 60% of those needing food parcels have health problems. Good quality, local, fresh, nutritious food is vital, but unfortunately for many, unaffordable.  Donating food is one of the key ways we can show we care for others, and means even more in hard times.
As gardeners we know there are sometimes in the year when we all have too much of a particular crop, there’s only so many courgettes one person can eat! J  By growing a bit more to start with, or donating your surplus fruit and veg you can make a real difference. In the last growing season we helped seven local allotments in the Aylesbury and High Wycombe areas to set up Grow to Give Schemes.
Together, we donated over 1,600 kilos to The Aylesbury Vineyard and One Can Trust, giving amazing support to many local families and individuals.
With support from Buckinghamshire Council and Feedback Global, we want to collect even more fresh food this year. Our aim is to collect at least 2,500 kilos of locally grown fruit and veg.
It’s very easy to get involved and we are keen for as many allotment sites across the County to get involved. We supply all the posters, materials ready to print off and use, and with the help of the guides and a couple of local volunteers from your local allotment, it’s easy to get going. We can also give you lots of support to get the scheme established and make it a fun, simple way to bring your allotment community together.
The response has been amazing in targeted areas, our growers have really enjoyed being able to help in a practical way and getting regular updates on how much the produce is appreciated by the food bank users.
We are also currently running free online eco-friendly growing classes and have developed recipe cards and videos for food bank users to make the most of the fresh food donations.
If you want to find out more please have a look at our website and our Grow to Give videos:
Please let us know if your community and/ or allotment would like to be involved.
All the best
Justine and Sheila