North Marston & Granborough

The publishers of the magazine have taken the decision to discontinue the online format.


The magazine has been online now for a while and has received positive feedback from those that read it. However, we have reviewed the format of the magazine and looked at ways that we can modernise and communicate the information to a wider audience with less cost.

The North Marston Community Facebook page is already set up and active and the Parish Council feels this is the best place for community groups from Granborough and North Marston to post their information and news about the villages that will be useful for residents to access.

This is not a selling page and has administrators that closely monitor what is being posted.

It is a Private Group of over 300 members and to become a member just visit the Group Page and ask to join.

Information posted can be from any of the community groups, so long as it is relevant to the community, either a document or a link to a website; it is easy to post information and also easy to read. There are rules about using the page, and if these are followed, all is well.

Facebook in a private group is a safe social media network which allows you easily to access sites such as the North Marston and Granborough Community Facebook page. There are privacy settings allowing you to be 100% safe and only to have contact with people that you wish to. If you need help to get started please ask!

Community groups can also post on their own websites here or on the Parish Council website and this is another way you can access information without joining Facebook. Go online to www.northmarston.org or www.granborough.org or the individual websites to access such information.

Some people may not have internet access so please contact the Parish Council and the community groups if you wish to receive information. If you know of people with no internet access please help them access information that is of interest to them and print it out.

Thank you, North Marston Parish Council, northmarston@gmail.com