Village Hall

Granborough Village Hall was built in 1910 on land donated to the Village by Ralph Verney for the purpose of building a Parish Hall and Library. To quote from the original conveyance:

“The Trustees will hold the land and buildings hereby conveyed upon trust for the following purposes:-

  • For the purpose of a Parish Hall and Library to be used by all the Parishioners of Granborough of both sexes and all classes.
  • For the purpose of public and private meetings without preference of religion or politics.
  • For the purpose of concerts, games and other forms of recreation and social events to the advantage of the Parish generally.
  • The Management of the said premises shall be in the hands of a Committee of no less than eleven in number and the Trustees shall be ex officio members of such a Committee.”

The Committee should consist of the Vicar, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Parish Council and any other Parishioners.

The Hall is an interesting building with a first floor that originally housed a library and a Committee room. During the Second World War Evacuees were housed in the Hall. Since then the library has disappeared and the Hall has been extended and improved so that the upstairs is not used very often. However, it is well maintained like the rest of the Hall.  The hall was reopened in 2021 following a complete restoration.

Village Hall Contacts

Chairman: Philip Oakland
Vice Chairman: David Smedley
Secretary: Emily Despaigne
Treasurer: John Piddington

Chairmans Report 2021/2022

GVH Chairmans Report 2022


GVH AGM Minutes 2022

Granborough Tea Towels

Granborough map tea towels are now available at a cost of £7=50 each.
We also have A3 size print copies of the map for sale at £5.00 each.
They will be on sale at future village hall events or can be ordered from Philip Oakland tel: 07596 932871

Hiring The Hall

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Granborough Village Hall Reopening Story

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