Devolved Services

Buckinghamshire Council no longer has the funds to provide regular maintenance services within villages.  The Parish Council, therefore, signed a contract giving us the right to cut our own grass verges (within the village), clean our own road signs and carry out some weed killing. The County Council provide a small financial incentive, the Parish Council pays the balance.

The Parish Council use RTM Landscaping to cut the grass verges in the village 10 times during the growing season and carry out some weed killing twice a year.  RTM also cut the grass in the play area every two weeks during the growing season (April to October).

Road and street signs were last cleaned in May 2019  under the
Parish Council’s devolved service budget, by Jason Franklin.  There are plans to arrange a clean in April 2021.

Grass Cutting Schedule

The following dates are the week in which grass cutting will take place, not the actual date of the cut;

Grass Cutting Schedule

Dog Waste Services

Buckinghamshire Council’s Street Scene Department empties our Dog Waste Bins.

There are five bins, each is emptied once a week and sanitised twice a year.

Play Area Lease

The Parish Council do not own the play area land, it is leased on a 20-year contract from the Oxford Diocese.

The lease is due for renewal on 28th February 2033.