Precept Comparison Graph


The Parish Council’s income is in the form of a Precept, collected on our behalf by the District Council.  It makes up a small percentage of your Council Tax Bill each year, the graph to the left shows a historical comparison of the amount we would receive per band D household, by year.  Some years we have taken on larger projects such as restoration of the War Memorial, or replacement of equipment in the Play Area and so the amount requested would be slightly more.  In 23/24 the Parish Council will continue to develop Glebe Meadow into a village nature area and consider Parish Council data security.


2022-23 Budget

This budget was agreed in December 2022 for the following April….

£13,706 for routine bills
£2,500 for Small Grants/Donations
£10,500 in staffing and office costs
£1,465 in subscriptions
£470 in Cllr Training/allowances
£80 in bank charges
£7,300 for Projects
£13,553 for reserves

£49,574 in Budget
£23,630 requested in Precept


Each year we are required to submit paperwork to an internal and external auditor who assesses our compliance with the law and appropriate spending of public money.

At present, the external auditor is PFK Littlejohn LLP.


2021-22 Audit Documentation

The external auditors PFK Littlejohn LLP have completed their audit.

The period for the exercise of public rights this year has been set as; 13th June 2022 to 22nd July 2022.

These are the official audit documents submitted;

Parish Council Small Grants Scheme

The Scheme

Granborough Parish Council’s small grants scheme will be open for applications from 8th March 2023 and close on 7th April 2023.

The Council has set aside a small budget to help support local charities or voluntary groups, which provide a service to Granborough residents.

NOTE:  Any grant awarded which cannot subsequently be used for the purposes stated in the application, must be returned to Granborough Parish Council immediately.


To apply for a small grant, applicants must be Voluntary groups or Charities, providing a service that clearly and directly benefits a significant number of Parish Residents, because the funds come directly from Council Tax paid by Granborough Residents.

The Council defines a voluntary group as a “not-for-profit” organisation set up and run by Volunteers and a Charity as an organisation registered as a Charity.

Grants are made to support special events, help meet deficits on future running costs, help encourage new groups, or to help fund one-off expenditure such as the purchase of new equipment.

Grants will only be made to organisations which need financial help and may not be used to cover money already spent.

March 2023 Small Grant Scheme

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