The Parish Council is pleased to say that during this latest lockdown the Play Area will remain OPEN

The use of the play area is entirely at your own risk and is subject to the following safety requirements due to the on-going Covid 19 pandemic.

  • All children using the play area must be accompanied by an adult.
  • You must comply with all the Governments rules for social distancing and numbers of people permitted to meet outside at all times.
  • You must bring and use your own hand sanitiser before using any equipment
  • You must bring and use your own antiseptic wipes on any equipment prior to use. Please take all used wipes home with you for disposal.
  • Only children from one household on any piece of equipment at a time.
  • Please do not take food or drink into the play area at this time.
  • Please take any rubbish home with you

Please note the Parish Council does not have the resources to clean and sanitise the equipment. Compliance with safety and hygiene is the responsibility of the user.

Granborough Parish Council – 6th January 2021

Play Area Trail 1

Our beautiful play area is located at the end of Church Lane; go through the gate into the field and follow the footpath to the next gate.

The land is leased from the Oxford Diocese, we renewed the lease in 2013 and it will run until 28th February 2033.

In May 2012 the play area was in need of an update for older children.  The Parish Council carried out several consultations with the Village and decided upon a number of new pieces of equipment.  Funds were raised with the help of Community Chest and friends of the play area, and today the play area has a range of equipment suitable for toddlers and older children alike.  There is also a bench and picnic table.

May 2017 saw the replacement of the wooden trail, with a new one with lots of different elements. Then In November 2017 we replaced the self close catch on the gate (again).

In December 2017 the Horse Rocker was restored to its former glory by Cllr Wattam, and the Basket Ball Hoop and Post were replaced with new ones.  We would ask that children don’t hang off the hoop or climb the pole please!

Play Area Slide

We pay for the grass to be cut in the play area and on the approach to it, every couple of weeks in the growing season and we provide a litter bin to help everyone keep the play area clean and tidy.

The play area is inspected weekly to ensure it remains in good condition, and we have an annual inspection by professionals to ensure safety standards.  We passed an inspection in May this year (2019).

Play area equipment is really expensive.  We have money in the budget each year for maintenance and suspect the swings will need replacing in the next few years.  The wooden posts are split, but we are assured this is a cosmetic issue and the swings are safe.

If you notice anything amiss in the play area, please contact the Clerk; clerk@granborough.org