Parish Council Responsibilities

Please let the Parish Council know about problems with;
The Play Area, Street Lighting, The Defibrillator, Bins, Benches, The War Memorial, Bus Shelters, Grass Cutting (within the village only) and problems with other Street Furniture.

The Parish Council are NOT responsible for problems on the Highway, Pavements, Footpaths – this is the responsibility of Buckinghamshire Council.

The Parish Council does not take sides in disputes between residents.  If you have a noise/nuisance issue with another resident that you are unable to resolve, this can be raised with Buckinghamshire Council’s Environment Team, the Parish Council has NO authority to investigate.

Planning Applications are the responsibility of Buckinghamshire Council.  The Parish Council is a Consultee only in the planning process which means we can give an opinion about applications, within set parameters.  We don’t have any authority in the planning process and we can’t investigate breaches in planning permission.

The following information is to help you raise a complaint with the correct Buckinghamshire Council department:


Crime in Progress Call: 999
Non Urgent Reports Call: 101

This document has the names and photographs of your local policing team

Pot Holes, Flooding and Highway Issues

IMPORTANT: If you consider this to be dangerous or an emergency, please call 01296 382416 (09:00 – 17:30 or 01296 486630 (out of hours and weekends).

Buckinghamshire Council are responsible for all Highway issues.  You can report any problem to them via their reporting tool; here

The Parish Council will provide you with help if required, but must stress we have no influence over what will be fixed or when.  If you need help in reporting an issue, please contact the Clerk.

Rights of Way

The Parish Council is only responsible for ensuring maintenance of two small areas of footpath in the village; From Church Lane along to the far corner of the play area and from Winslow Road down the alleyway opposite The Crown, to the first Stile.
To report an issue on any other right of way, please use this LINK

The Environment Team

Buckinghamshire Council can be reached via this LINK

You can find information about the Countryside or report Rights of Way issues and Noise/Nuisance Issues.  You can also find help with pest control, air quality, animal welfare, lost dogs, and much more.

Planning Enforcement

You can report a breach in planning permission to the Enforcement Team via this LINK

Please note, the enforcement team do not share information with the Parish Council.